What do I need to book a room?

We offer three ways to book:

  • Guaranteed by a credit card
  • Card-free
  • Prepaid

For a booking to be guaranteed with a credit card, you need to provide the card details to Zenhotels.com. These will be forwarded to the hotel as the guarantee of your arrival. The hotel may pre-authorize your card (block funds equivalent up to the cost of the entire booking – usually less) in order to make sure that the card is valid and there are sufficient funds available.

To make a card-free booking, no credit card details are required. All you need to do is to fill out the booking form on Zenhotels.com.

If the hotel requires full prepayment, you will be asked to pay for your booking in full and on confirmation via Zenhotels.com. You can pay for your booking using a credit card.