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The hotel reservation service (hereinafter the “Service”) is an online platform that allows users to make hotel reservations. The Service is available to customers subject to a royalty-free, simple and non-exclusive license.

All information pertaining to hotels which are registered in the information database and which are made available for booking via the Service and the conditions of requesting, confirming, cancelling or amending a reservation are provided by the hotels, their duly authorized agents and distributors, or other authorized representatives.

The Service shall not be responsible for erroneous and inaccurate hotel descriptions, prices and other information about hotels and rooms, including any partial or complete mismatching of hotel descriptions and photographic images of hotels that are held in the Service information database.

The hotel information held in the information database is provided to customers on an “as is” basis, without any warranty of any kind. The Service shall not be liable for accuracy and completeness of the provided information, including hotel description, price, reservation price, room availability and reservation cancellation/amendment policy.

When choosing a hotel, customers must be attentive and judge for themselves how accurate they deem the information shown about the quality of the hotel services provided by the hotel, the customer reviews posted and the existing hotel ratings that are available from other public sources.